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Saker Falcon

Falco cherrug milvipes (Jerdon, 1871)

Обыкновенный балобан | Ителгі

Kamenka, Ryskulov region, Dzhambyl oblast
© Askar Isabekov


Upper parts are brownish with regular pale bars. Head is lighter than mantle. On flanks and leg-feathers the cross pattern is formed by dark spots and streaks.


Occurs in winter in spurs and wide valleys of Tien Shan. Probably birds of this race recorded on Markakol lake.


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relative taxons

Falco cherrug
(Gray, 1834)
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Falco cherrug cherrug
(Gray, 1834)
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Falco cherrug saceroides
(Bianchi, 1907)
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Falco cherrug coatsi
(Dementiev, 1945)
Falco cherrug aralocaspius
(Kleinschmidt, 1939)
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Falco (cherrug) altaicus
(Menzbier, 1892)
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