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East Siberian Merlin

Falco columbarius insignis (Clark, 1907)

Восточносибирский Дербник | Тұрымтай

Almaty area. Tonkeris.
© Andrey Kovalenko


Adult males are pale-greyish on upperparts, with whitish forehead; central tail feathers usually only with one terminal dark band; underparts are whitish or rufous with very narrow streaks; whitish bar-pattern on the inner webs of primaries is well developed and often formed the solid space at shaft of feather. Females and juveniles have clay-tinged and more pale background brownish upperpats and pattern on underparts than in aesalon; on mantle they have rufous-brownish pale cross-pattern; the pale bands on tail-feathers are broad and ordered. Larger than aesalon: wing of males 190-208, females 213-232 mm. Length males 285-313, females 325-334 mm. Wingspan males 589-600, females 623-625 mm.


Winters in south from the south border of Kazakhstan from Turkmenistan to Kyrgyzstan (foothills of Central Tien Shan), in Xinjiang, southern Mongolia and western China. Recorded in Almaty vicinity in January of 2013.


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relative taxons

Falco columbarius
(Linnaeus, 1758)
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Falco columbarius aesalon
(Tunstall, 1771)
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Falco columbarius pallidus
(Sushkin, 1900)
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Falco columbarius lymani
(Bangs, 1913)
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Big Year 2018

1. Askar Isabekov (81)
2. Andrey Vilyayev (55)
3. Boris Gubin (49)
4. Alexandr Katuncev (44)
5. Anna Yasko (44)

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Аскар Исабеков: Определиться с этим курганником мешает лишь то, что окрас его характерен для мохноногого. Вот сегодня разбирались с гибридными щеглами на


Ясько Анна: На мой взгляд, пропорции у этих двух птиц одинаковые. Сидящая птица также по пропорциям на канюка не похожа (маленькая голова).Кстати, вот


Николай Балацкий: Однозначно, что ремез. Голова в анфас, то есть клювом к фотографу.

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