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Mediterranean Gull

Larus melanocephalus (Temminck, 1820)

Черноголовая чайка | Қарабас шағала

Estern Caspian Sea. 70 km westward from Buzachi peninsula.
© Fedor Karpov


Some birds repeatedly observed on Mangyshlak at Bautino and on Mangistau islands in May and July 1951 and 1952 (Gladkov, Zaletaev, 1956). Two birds recorded in Kurgaldzhino reserve 24 July 1999 (Koshkin, 2003) but not proved documentary. In connection with expansion nesting area of this species to north-east up to Kalmykia (Krivenko et al., 1973), probability of occurrence in Kazakhstan grows, and the breeding is possible. In October 5th, 1974 the vargant bird was recorded in lake Ashikul (Tselinograd oblast), at distance about 3000 km from the Babin island (Chernomorsky State Reserve) where it was ringed.


Rare vagrant. Occurs on shore of Caspian Sea in May and July.


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Средиземноморская чайка

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