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Siberian Black-backed Gull

Larus heuglini (Bree, 1876)

Халей | Сібір бозшағаласы
adult bird

Burabai, Akmola oblast
© Gennadiy Dyakin


Outside of Kazakhstan breeds in the tundra, forest tundra, and in northern taiga. In Kazakhstan probably nests in the area of Kustanai. In the rest territory of Kazakhstan it rarely found on migrations. Please see detailed distribution in Kazakhstan in the chapter Subspecies.


Rare passage migrant. Occurs on large lakes and rivers, often together with other Gulls (Caspian Gull, Pallas’s Gull). Mostly recorded on autumn migration in September-October.


Larus heuglini antelius (Iredale, 1913 )

    Description. From other subspecies distinguished by the dark lead-grey mantle. Legs are yellow.
    Distribution. Probably occasionally nests in the northern regions of Kazakhstan. In particular the few adult birds collected in June 20, 1929 at the Toktas lake in 80 km northwest from Kustanai. Also in the Kustanai area it periodically observed in the early to mid-October.

Larus heuglini heuglini (Bree, 1876 )

    Description. Mantle is dark-grey, lighter than in antelius but darker than in vegae. Legs color is from yellow to pale-pinkish.
    Distribution. Occurs on migration (in particular recorded in Petropavlovsk area and vicinity of Orenburg).


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Larus heuglini antelius
(Iredale, 1913 )
Larus heuglini heuglini
(Bree, 1876 )

other names

Восточная клуша

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