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Purple Heron

Ardea purpurea (Linnaeus, 1766)

Рыжая цапля | Қошқыл құтан

Ataman kultuk, Delta of Ural
© Askar Isabekov


Inhabits waters on plains, in north to Kamysh-Samar lakes (though nests not found recently); lower reaches of Turgay river, probably Kurgaldzhin lakes, where they were recorded in spring (14 April 1968, 8-9 April 1977 and 27 April 1980) and autumn; Ile river delta. Singly bird was seen near Tavolzhan village in Pavlodar Trans-Irtysh area. Occasionally observed in autumn in foothills of Western Tien Shan (5 October 1976).


Common breeding migrant. Inhabits reed-rich lakes with shallow water, rarely visited by people. In spring arrives early April – early May. On Mangyshlak where Purple Heron not nested migration is very noticeable (singly and in groups of 5-7 birds) from mid-May, last birds recorded mid – end June. Nests in separate pairs and in small colonies, sometimes together with Grey Heron, Great Egret and Spoonbill. Nest is built by both partners on the heaps of old reeds from the reed stems and leaves, the available thorned twigs are also used. Clutch of 3-5, occasionally 6 eggs, is produced from early May to mid-June. Both parents incubate clutch for 24-28 days and feed nestlings which begin to fly roughly from July – early August. In autumn migrates in September; odd birds recorded to mid-October.


Ardea purpurea purpurea (Linnaeus, 1766)


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Ardea purpurea purpurea
(Linnaeus, 1766)

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