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Northern Hawk Owl

Surnia ulula (Linnaeus, 1758)

Ястребиная сова | Қаршыға жапалақ

Almaty reserve
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Inhabits mountain forests of eastern and south-eastern Kazakhstan. Please see detailed distribution in the section "Subspecies".


Rare resident. Inhabits mountain spruce or larch forests, on Altai 1400-2000 m, in Tien Shan 1500-3000 m. On dispersal occurs in deciduous, mixed pine-birch and pine forests of river valleys, and in foothills. Breeding in separate pairs. For breeding used the old nests of corvids or the tree holes. Clutches of 3-4 eggs. Fledglings recorded in end of May – mid-June. In early August in Ketmen ridge female from a brood was obtained. Autumn dispersal begins in September. In Ural valley recorded from mid-October.


Surnia ulula ulula (Linnaeus, 1758)

    Description. Background color of upper parts is brown lighter lighter than in tianschanica. White spots on upper parts larger than in tianschanica. Individual variability is rather significant, individuals differ by the saturation of basic dark background colour and development of white spotting on upper parts. Some specimens have white colour on upper parts prevails abovethe dark basic background. Width of dark cross strips on under parts individually varies. Male wing length 220-241 (234), female 225-243 (236) mm.
    Distribution. Occupies Southwest Altai, Tarbagatay ridge, possibly episodically nests in Northern Kazakhstan; in Naurzum 27 April 1934 singing male obtained, on south of Kokchetav region recorded 5-8 July 1878 and 17-22 July 1878. On dispersal recorded in Ural valley and even 211 km to north of Djusaly station (4 November 1948) and near Aralsk (11 April 1949).

Surnia ulula tianschanica (Smallbones, 1906)

    Description. Background color of upper parts is black-brown, darker than in ulula. White spots on upper parts are smaller than in ulula. Male wing length 238-251 (244), female 243-252 (248) mm.
    Distribution. Occupies Tien Shan and Dzungarian Alatau.


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Surnia ulula ulula
(Linnaeus, 1758)
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Surnia ulula tianschanica
(Smallbones, 1906)
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Шевцов Дмитрий: Пожалуй, бурокрылая, на 5 фото видно, что ноги выступают за обрез хвоста, а на 4 фото видно, что подмышки сероватые.


Сергей Л. Волков: Клюв-то у него конечно, слишком толстоват для белохвостого песочника. И много белого на горле тоже мало годится для него. Но по окраске верха


Николай Балацкий: Могла залететь и ошейниковая овсянка.

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