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Ural Owl

Strix uralensis (Pallas, 1771)

Длиннохвостая неясыть | Кезқұйрық жапалақ

North Kazakhstan area
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Breeds on Southwest Altai and in Kalbinskiy Altai. In winter occurs also on valleys of Irtysh and Ural rivers. One dead Ural Owl was found on road at Sarychiganak (Trans-Balkhash area) in January 26, 1989.


Very rare resident. Inhabits the fir forests with birch and asp trees at altitudes up to 1600 m. Breeds in separate pairs, to nesting uses the old nests of other birds or tree holes. Clutch contains 2-3 eggs. Brood recorded in July 31, 1971. The autumn - winter dispersals begin in the end of September.


Strix uralensis uralensis (Pallas, 1771)


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Strix uralensis uralensis
(Pallas, 1771)

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