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Common Kingfisher

Alcedo atthis (Linnaeus, 1758)

Зимородок обыкновенный | Зымыран

Almaty, Airport lake area
© Farhat Bakiev


Breeds on reservoirs of eastern and south-eastern Kazakhstan, in west up to Pavlodar, Semipalatinsk, Karaganda and Kzyl-Orda, and also in middle and probably lower reaches of Ural. Common on Tentek river and on western shore of Alakol lake. On migration occurs everywhere both on plains and in mountains (Markakol lake, 1450 m).


Common, in places rare breeding migrant. Inhabits river valleys, fishy drift streams, ponds and lakes with clay precipices. On migration occurs on all waters. In spring appears in April – mid-May singly or by pairs, last migrants recorded in end of May – early June. Breeds by separate pairs not close one from another. Nest is located in hole depth to 3 m in clay precipices; hole finishes by the nesting chamber without lining (later there is a layer of eructated fish bones). Both partners excavate hole, incubate clutch for about 20 days and then feed juveniles. Clutch of 4-8 eggs is laid in end of May to mid-July. Fledglings (23-24 days old) recorded in mid-July to mid-August. Probably rears two broods per season. Autumn migration begins in September. Latest birds recorded in early-mid October.


Alcedo atthis atthis (Linnaeus, 1758)


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Alcedo atthis atthis
(Linnaeus, 1758)

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Малик Нукусбеков: здесь определит очень сложно, и не могу сказать 100% восточный..... скрой всего гибрид....


Александр Катунцев:Также встречаются птицы темного окраса с черновато-бурым цветом оперения, маховыми перьями светлыми внизу и с тёмной каемкой,


Александр Катунцев: С х о д н ы е в и д ы. К таковым относятся два вида завирушек: черногорлая и бледная. От первой отличается светлым горлом, от второй - яркой окраской.

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