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Eurasian Wryneck

Jynx torquilla (Linnaeus, 1758)

Вертишейка | Дүпілдек

Serebryansk. Eastern Kazakhstan.
© Viktor Kalyuzhnov


Breeds in Ural valley (in south to Budarino village), Ilek valley, on Kokchetav upland, in Irtysh valley, on Southwest Altai and Southern Altai. At Tarbagatay foothills in Karabuta village displaying male recorded 10-12 June 2004. In rest areas occurs on migration only. Regularly recorded in highlands of Zailiyskiy Alatau ridge, Bolshoye Almatinskoye lake, where observed in August 1973-1977.


Common breeding migrant. Inhabits flood-plain deciduous forests, birch-forest patches in forest-steppe zone, mountain deciduous and mixed forests in river valleys or nearby lakes (on Altai up to 1900 m.). On migration occurs in steppes and deserts with bushes near water, in gardens, parks, shelterbelts and in highlands up to 2800 m. Arrives singly in mid-April – early May, migration finishes in early June. Breeds by separate pairs at distance 150-200 m one from another. Nests is located in tree holes (elm, birch, asp, poplar, willow or larch), nest-boxes or in cavities of log-houses, at height 1-12 m above the ground, without any lining. Clutch of 6-12 eggs is laid in end of May to late June. Female incubates clutch for 11-12 days from laying of last egg. Juveniles fledge in July – early August. Re-nesting after loss of first clutches is probably. Autumn migration begins in early August, from area of Markakol lake birds disappear until the end of August. At Chokpak Pass latest birds recorded in end September to early October.


Jynx torquilla torquilla (Linnaeus, 1758)


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Jynx torquilla torquilla
(Linnaeus, 1758)

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Шевцов Дмитрий: Пожалуй, бурокрылая, на 5 фото видно, что ноги выступают за обрез хвоста, а на 4 фото видно, что подмышки сероватые.


Сергей Л. Волков: Клюв-то у него конечно, слишком толстоват для белохвостого песочника. И много белого на горле тоже мало годится для него. Но по окраске верха


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