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Bean Goose

Anser fabalis (Latham, 1787)

Гуменник | Қырманқаз

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Sporadically occurs on migaration throughout in Kazakhstan. Winters on waters of Southern and South-Eastern Kazakhstan. Please see detailed distribution in the Subspecies section.


Not rare but sporadical distributed passage migrant and rare winter visitor. In spring migrates from early March to mid May in southern Kazakhstan. In northern areas, migration occurs from mid-March to end of April. In autumn migrates from mid-end of September to early November. Migrates in independent flocks of some dozen birds usually, or with other geese.


Anser fabalis fabalis (Latham, 1787)

    Description. Very variable race. The lower mandible varies in thick and curved. Males' bill size: length 52-67 (61 av), height 26.4-34.5 (30.3), height of the lower mandible 6-10 (7.8) mm. Scapulars and wing coverts are darker, brown, with a slightly of grey colour. The colour of bill-strip and legs is more often yellow-orange, rare pinkish or reddish. Males' wing length 430-480 (450) mm.
    Distribution. Occurs on migration throughout in Kazakhstan. Sometimes wintering in southern Kazakhstan, on Sorbulak lake (34 birds at 6 November-12 December 2004; more tan 100 birds in 2012-2013), on Kapchagay reservoir (December 2002); one bird recorded on Chardara reservoir (18-21 December 2003). Also winters on Issyk-Kul lake in Kyrgyzstan.

Anser fabalis middendorffii (Severtzov, 1873)

    Description. The individual variability is little. The lower mandible is less strong and curved than in fabalis. Males' bill size: length 67-90 (76), height 32.6-37.6 (34.8), height of the lower mandible 7-10 (9) mm. Colour similar to fabalis. The colour of bill-strip and legs is always orange. Largest race, males' wing length 465-553 (496) mm.
    Distribution. Probably nested on Markakol lake (Southern Altai) in previous years, but not recorded recently. Occasionally occurs during migration. each November to mid-December of last 10-15 years from 1 to 5 thousand birds stay on Kolzhat lake near the China border (but subspecies of these birds is not identified).


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Anser fabalis fabalis
(Latham, 1787)
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Anser fabalis middendorffii
(Severtzov, 1873)
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