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Red-throated Pipit

Anthus cervinus (Pallas, 1811)

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Atyrau area. Ganyushkino.
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Occurs on migration in plain areas of Kazakhstan from Volga-Ural interfluves eastward to Semipalatinsk. Please see more detailed distribution in the chapter Subspecies.


Common in places passage migrant. Occurs on grassy shores of rivers and lakes and in flood plains (more rare in steppes), singly or in small groups. In spring arrives in end of April, most of birds migrate in May; last migrants observed in early June. In autumn appears in mid-September, last migrants recorded in of end of October.


Anthus cervinus cervinus (Pallas, 1811)

    Description. Streaks on upperparts are lighter, the outer fringes of feathers are darker and more olive, less yellowish, than in rufogularis; the upperparts pattern is less contrast and less clear than in rufogularis.
    Distribution. Observed during migration almost everywhere in plain part of Kazakhstan – from Volga-Ural interfluves and lower Ural river eastward to Semipalatinsk. One bird was collecled in lower reaches of Turgay river in October 10, 1975, the other one recorded in September 17 on Kyzylkol lake, in Karatau foothills.

Anthus cervinus rufogularis (C.L.Brehm, 1824)

    Description. Streaks on upperparts are darker; the outer fringes of feathers are paler, more yellow less olive, than in cervinus. The upperparts pattern is more contrast and more clear than in cervinus.
    Distribution. Sightings during migration in eastern areas of Kazakhstan are possible.


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Anthus cervinus cervinus
(Pallas, 1811)
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Anthus cervinus rufogularis
(C.L.Brehm, 1824)

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