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Eastern Olivaceous Warbler

Hippolais pallida (Hemprich & Ehrenberg, 1833)

Бледная бормотушка | Әжуан

Aktau, Mangystau
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Breeds in southern Kazakhstan from Northern Trans-Caspian area and Mangyshlak eastward to Borolday ridge and spurs of Talas Alatau. From early 90th expands the breeding area to north and east. In May 1998 males observed in Ile valley and in Astana. One singing male heard in Zhelturanga in May 29, 2003. One bird observed in May 18, 2002 near Chilik village. On migration occurs in said range and at Chokpak Pass (one bird was ringed in May 8, 2002).


Rare breeding migrant. Inhabits the bushes in deserts and low mountains at altitudes up to 1500-1700 m, the gardens and tree-bush vegetation in villages. On migration occurs in shelterbelts. In spring appears in end of April - early May. Breeds in separate pairs. Nest is built in the bush or tree from the dry grass and is lined with the soft bast and plant fluff. Clutch of 3-5 eggs is laid in June, fledglings were recorded in early July. Autumn migration is pass probably in August, because birds not occurs in breeding sites in September.


Hippolais pallida elaeica (Lindermayer, 1843)


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Hippolais pallida elaeica
(Lindermayer, 1843)

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Анна Ясько: Александр, у Вас есть еще кадры группы птиц с 1 фото, чтобы было видно испод крыла у других птиц помимо птицы в левом нижнем углу?А так они все


Сергей Силантьев: Даже визуальное сравнение с большим крохалем на снимке говорит о том, что птица не маленькая...Кряква.


Ясько Анна: На мой взгляд, пропорции у этих двух птиц одинаковые. Сидящая птица также по пропорциям на канюка не похожа (маленькая голова).Кстати, вот

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