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Common Chiffchaff

Phylloscopus collybita abietinus (Nilsson, 1819)

Пеночка-теньковка | Саяшыл сарықас

Mangystau oblast, Tubkaragan region
© Aisagali Kadirov


The upperparts are brownish-greenish, more greenish and less brownish than on fulvescens. The greenish color is most intensive on the rump. The underparts are with the slight expressed yellow spots.


The indication on the breeding in the middle currents of Ural and Ilek rivers was not confirmed subsequently. On migration it occurs in Western Kazakhstan.


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relative taxons

Phylloscopus collybita
(Vieillot, 1817)
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Phylloscopus collybita fulvescens
(Severtzov, 1873)
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Phylloscopus collybita tristis
(Blyth, 1843)
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Phylloscopus collybita habessinicus
(Blanford, 1869)
Phylloscopus collybita obscurus
(Radde, 1884)
Phylloscopus collybita pleskei
(Floricke, 1892)

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