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Baikal Bullfinch

Pyrrhula cineracea (Canabis, 1872)

Серый снегирь | Боз суықторғай

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Breeds in Western Altai on Ivanovskiy and Lineyskiy ridges, in Belaya Uba valley, in Southern Altai, in upper reaches of Bukhtarma river, in depression of Markakol lake and in Kara-Kaba valley. On dispersal and in winter occurs mainly in eastern Kazakhstan, sometimes in west to Semipalatinsk, Kurgaldzhino Reserve and Astana, Almaty, Chu-Iliyskiye Mts. and Syrdarya valley at Kzyl-Orda. Vagrant recorded 18 October 1975 in lower of Ural valley near Atyrau.


Rare resident, but is common in Altai in winter. Inhabits the fir forests with some deciduous trees, the fir-larch and spruce-birch forests on the river valleys or lakes shore at altitudes 1400-1800 m. On dispersal visits the deciduous forests with shrubs undergrowth, riparian forests, and thickets of tall weeds. In Altai begins to sing in end of February – March and sings until end of May (the singing birds were heard in May 25, 1966 in Kara-Kaba river valley). Breeds in separate pairs fairly far from each other. One nest in birch at height 5 m above the ground was found in May 8, 1975; nest was made from the thin twigs and dry grass and is lined with thin rootlets and hair. Female with dry grass in bill was observed in July 12, 1966. Fledglings recorded in mid-July – first ten days of August, independent juveniles observed in early July. Autumn-winter dispersal begins in August – September, in south-eastern Kazakhstan Grey Bullfinches appear in end of October – early November, and observed up to mid-May.


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Grey Bullfinch

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Николай Березовиков: Красноспинная горихвостка


Сергей Силантьев: Снимок один и не совсем хорошего качества....для садовой бровь длинновата. для бормотушки через чур четкая....может индийская?


Нурлан: По мне, так это вполне нормальный хвост Центральноазиатского канюка, то есть мохноногого курганника. (Птицы Казахской ССР, там рисунок есть,

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