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Corvus frugilegus frugilegus (Linnaeus, 1758)

Грач | Таған

Chardara reservoir, South-Kazakhstan oblast
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Bill is longer and thicker than on pastinator. The area of bare skin around the bill is more extensive and extends onto the forehead, lores, part of the ear coverts and gular area. The upperparts have a metallic violet sheen.


Breeding in northern half of Kazakhstan, in south to Caspian Sea, Emba valley near Temir mouth, Barbikum and Tusum sands, lower Turgay river and Kurgaldzhino area. It also nests along Irtysh valley, in foothill plains of eastern and south-eastern Kazakhstan, on Syrdarya and Chu valleys near Furmanovka settlement. Small colony found in Sharapkhana village, south of Karjantau ridge. During wandering and migration occurs everywhere both on plains and in mountains. Wintering in southern Kazakhstan, in north to Chapaevo village on Ural valley, Kurgaldzhino and Semipalatinsk. In mild winters, observed on Barsa-Kelmes island.


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Corvus frugilegus
(Linnaeus, 1758)
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Corvus frugilegus pastinator
(Gould, 1845)


Corvus frugilegus tschusii
(Hartert, 1903)
Corvus frugilegus ultimus
(Sushkin, 1925)

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