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Pallid Harrier

Circus macrourus (S.G.Gmelin, 1771)

Степной лунь | Дала құладыны

Kamysty region, Kostanai oblast
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Breeds in northern parts of Kazakhstan, in south to Kamysh-Samarskiye lakes, upper reaches of Emba river, Dzhezkazgan, Northern Trans-Balkhash area, Kalbinskiy Altai, southern foothills of Tarbagatay and probably in eastern part of Dzhungarskiy Alatau; also in Syrdarya river valley and western foothills of Chu-Iliyskiye Mts., where was common in 2003. Widespread observed on migration. Sometimes winters in Zaysan depression, near Ust-Kamenogorsk (12 November 1995) and close to Makanchi (5 November 1978).


Common breeding migrant. Inhabits the dry steppe, semi-desert, and episodically the forest-steppe zone, often not far from lakes and meadows, especially in dry summers. Appears in end of March – early April in the southern parts of Kazakhstan and in end of April in northern ones. Nest is built on ground or rarely on pile of old reeds or on haycocks, from the old dry stems and is lined with grass. Clutches of 3-7, usually 4-5 eggs is in end of April to June. Female incubate for nearly 30 days, male feed it. Chicks were noticed from end of May to July; both parents feed juveniles, which begin to fly in end of June – August. Autumn migration begins in end of August, most birds migrate in September – October. Like other harriers, they migrate mostly singly or in small groups.


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Анна Ясько: Николай, предположим, что я ошибаюсь, и тут злую шутку сыграл ракурс и цветовые недостатки фото, поэтому мне может казаться, что глаз слишком


Василий Федоренко: Воротники, действительно, работают только для взрослых птиц. В этом можно убедиться, полистав в сети фотографии тех и других.Тоже был за сипов


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