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Levant Sparrowhawk

Accipiter brevipes (Severtzov, 1850)

Европейский тювик | Үлкен мықи

Ural river.
© Askar Isabekov


Breeds in middle and lower reaches of Ural valley, south to Chapaevo village. In Mugodzary ridge (Urkach forest) recorded mid June. On migration occurs near Atyrau and on Mangyshlak. Near Kazalinsk onr bird was obtained 4 September 1908. In Kysylkum desert one bird recorded 17 September 1973.


Rare breeding migrant. Inhabits the riparian forests with margins and bushes. Appears in late spring, migrating birds was observed on Mangyshlak 26 April 2004, and on Ustyurt 10 May 1989. Nest is built on the elm, poplar or oak from the dry twigs; is lined with dry grass and green leaves. Clutches of 4-5 eggs is in May - June; juveniles begin to fly from July onwards. Autumn migration begins in the end of August.


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