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Eurasian Rough-legged Hawk

Buteo lagopus lagopus (Pontoppidan, 1763)

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Ile valley, Kapchagai reservoir
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Dark race. Dominant colour of upper parts is dark-brown, sometimes black-brown. Edges of mantle feathers and scapulars are usually grey. Under parts are dark. Streaks on throat and craw are brownish and slightly developed. Feathers of belly, flanks and leg feathers are usually dark-brown with light-barred. Tail-bands are dense, black-brown and usually range to base of tail. Male wing length 406-438 (418), female 426-468 (444) mm.


Winters in Kazakhstan; the range of distribution isn't explored.


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Buteo lagopus
(Pontoppidan, 1763)
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Buteo lagopus menzbieri
(Dementiev, 1951)
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