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Long-legged Buzzard

Buteo rufinus (Cretzschmar, 1827)

Курганник | Кәдімгі тілеміш

Itzhon plateau, right Ile river, Almaty oblast
© Askar Isabekov


Breeds in southern part of Kazakhstan, in north to Kamysh-Samar lakes, Aktau mountains in Utva-Ilek region, Tersek pine forest in Naurzum Reserve, Aktobe, Karaganda, in Shortandy area, Kyzyltau Mts. at Zhosaly village, Semipalatinsk area and Zaysan depression. Summering and dispersing birds observed to the north. Widespread on migration in the above areas. Stray bird observed on Markakol lake 28 May 1983. Wintering in south of the Republic.


Common breeding migrant. Inhabits the deserts, dry steppes, low xerophytic mountains and foothills. Appears in the end of February - early March, peak of migration is in end of March – mid-April. At Chokpak Pass the last spring birds observed in mid-May. Nest is built on rocks and on trees or bushes (saxaul, asian elm, tamarisk), on electricity poles and other human constructions, and on steep hill slopes; nest is built from the dry twigs and grass stems, and is lined with old grass, hair, rags etc. Nests are used for some years, and repaired by both birds each season. Clutches of 2-5 eggs is in April – May. Incubation begins from first egg laying and continues about 40 days. Chicks hatch in end of May – June. Both parents feed juveniles, which begin to fly in the end of June – early August. Autumn migration at Chokpak Pass begins in mid-August – early September; a lot of birds observed in October (416 Long-legged Buzzard were counted 19 October 1969 between 09.50 - 11.00). Latest birds observed in mid November.


Buteo rufinus rufinus (Cretzschmar, 1827)

Buteo (rufinus) montanus (Pfander, 2013)

    Description. Upland Buzzard (Buteo hemilasius) extends its range to south and west; and hybridizes with Long-legged Buzzards (Buteo rufinus) in areas of joint nesting in the Eastern Tien Shan.


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Buteo rufinus rufinus
(Cretzschmar, 1827)
Buteo (rufinus) montanus
(Pfander, 2013)
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Buteo (rufinus x buteo)
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